Hi Dr. Hamrell, 


I took you for cardiovascular in med 1 and found your study modules on muscle physiology as well as cardiovascular to be very helpful.  I wanted to know how, if possible, can I regain access to the modules for my upcoming studies.  If you could provide me access to the module it would be very helpful.   I still have all of your notes and question which you provided and they are helpful as well. The modules however, would be a great compliment.     




Whitney Thomas 

These modules are excellent and they must have taken a significant amount of time to create.  I love them and I wish that all of my classes had similar interactive learning activities that continually test my comprehension of the material in a low-pressure fashion.  It’s nice to be able to evaluate your grasp of the material before actually being tested on it.  Thank you for your hard work on these modules.




John Jennings