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I took you for cardiovascular in med 1 and found your study modules on muscle physiology as well as cardiovascular to be very helpful.  I wanted to know how, if possible, can I regain access to the modules for my upcoming studies.  If you could provide me access to the module it would be very helpful.   I still have all of your notes and question which you provided and they are helpful as well. The modules however, would be a great compliment.     


These modules are excellent and they must have taken a significant amount of time to create.  I love them and I wish that all of my classes had similar interactive learning activities that continually test my comprehension of the material in a low-pressure fashion.  It’s nice to be able to evaluate your grasp of the material before actually being tested on it.  Thank you for your hard work on these modules.

J. J.

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the effort you’ve put into teaching all of us. I absolutely love your study modules and notes. They have helped me tremendously in not only understanding the material itself but to be able to explain it to others in depth as well . . . Again, I am very grateful to have you teach us Cardio Physiology. All the effort you put into your slides, notes, and modules is much appreciated by us all.

I. B.

". . .a big thank you for the fantastic teaching and fantastic help that you gave this semester. . . the learning modules / study questions were some of the best learning tools I've used in a course. . . I found the self-study module on hypovolemic shock to be a great review, and I think I have a decent understanding of the material . . .

M. M.

. . . I really enjoyed the module and thought it was a great form of active learning. I’m looking forward to doing the next ones in the future!


. . . I just want to thank you for such a great class. I enjoyed your class very much and learned a lot from your study modules. It has been a pleasure having you as our professor. . .


I really enjoyed learning through your modules. They were very helpful as they were very interactive and self-paced.


. . . I really like the module set up you have created! I have never found doing practice questions more fun and I love what we are learning in class. Thank you!


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